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MO:ME:NT and FC Twente Case Study

FC Twente partnered with us to create soccer memorabilia in the form of NFTs. Since January 2023, we've captured and minted significant moments from each game and provided fans with a rare and verified piece of their favorite team loaded with various utilities. The collaboration has generated significant interest and showcases the potential of NFTs as a new revenue stream and fan engagement concept for teams.

Web3 Sports & Entertainment Arena


NFTs MO:ME:NT: Capture & design digital assets as collectibles.

Community Engagement: Promote partners & engage your community.

Metaverse Spaces: Create immersive virtual experiences

Content Creation: Tap into new forms of content creation


Live Data - Our Heartbeat

In an exclusive partnership with Sportradar (NASDAQ) - Accelaradar program, we activate live data of relevant events as our heartbeat and trigger to unique MO:ME:NTs – the entry ticket to the arena.

Engagement Gamification

Promotions on social channels are a crucial pillar of this project. Giveaways, games, and activations create excitement and engagement, reward loyal fans, attract new followers, and build a strong bridge between the brands' online community and its offline experiences.

These activities not only provide fans with a memorable and engaging experience but also increase the community aspect of the project.

Key Learnings - Results, Facts & Figures

NFTs minted: 36 MO:ME:NTs

Social media

Instagram: 10 posts Most engaged: 1,371 likes

Twitter: 12 tweets Most engaged: 167


MO:ME:NT & FC Twente - An Exciting Partnership with Boundless Possibilities

This collaboration is also an excellent example of how Web 3 technology can transform traditional sports marketing. By leveraging the power of blockchain and digital assets, clubs can now engage with their fans in new and exciting ways. This innovation paves the way for future developments in the field, highlighting the tremendous potential of Web 3 technology to transform industries worldwide.

Metaverse - Creation of virtual stadium for fans to relive key moments complete with limited edition virtual jerseys.

Historic MO:ME:NTs - Create a collection of NFTs that capture significant moments in the club's history, such as league wins, iconic goals, or memorable matches.

Player Cards - Create a series of individual player cards featuring the club's current and past players favorite moments. These would be autographed by players and collected and traded among fans.

Fan Tokens - Using our MO:ME:NTs as tokens, granting exclusive access to team events, merchandise discounts, and other benefits.

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Rudy Banholzer (Co-founder & COO)

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